Tuesday, January 20, 2009

nita, ena n me presenting a mock cheque to pn noriza

thanks to pn noriza, other staff and present students of TMGS for allowing us to be a part of the lauching and cyclethon programs.

The RM60m is better used for education than kacauing nature..!!!!

2009/01/15 RM60m cable car for Bukit Larut planned By : P. Chandra Sagaran IPOH: The state government has approved in principle the construction of a RM60 million cable car system at Bukit Larut in Taiping. (Datuk Nga, could you please give some to TMGS, instead. We really appreciate this, than having you gazaing mother nature!!!) The contract will go to "a company with a good track record" with the assurance that the resort's ecological settings would not be disturbed. (Yeah, rite .. good track record, such a cliche!!!) State Education, Local Government, Housing and Public Transport Committee chairman Nga Kor Ming said the project had the support of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Department of Environment. A visitor will take 11 minutes to reach the 1,250m peak of the resort from the bottom of the mountain, compared with the 30-minute, 13km ride via four-wheel-drive or government Land Rover. "The cable will stretch up between 5 and 6km and will have 26 cable cars in the first phase and 46 cars which can carry 1,000 visitors." Construction will be done by using helicopters. Pilling works will use the latest technology to ensure the fauna and flora are untouched. Nga said: "The company, which has a good track record of operating the Langkawi cable car system for the past five years with a 100 per cent safety record, will make a prospective study and will take about a year to complete the project." The hill is a haven for birds such as the rhinoceros hornbill, large moths and butterflies, beetles, monkeys and Pope's Pit Viper. Other attractions include a playground, watch tower, suspension bridge, camp site and century-old buildings. There is also the 90-year-old Sri Kaliamman Temple. Formerly known as Max-well Hill, Bukit Larut is the oldest hill station in the country dating back to 1884. On another matter, Nga said the state executive council had approved the conversion of a 5.33ha site for the new Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Poi Lam building in Seri Klebang here to replace the school in Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang, which had become congested with 4,000 pupils. The school was built in 1919. The school would only pay RM1 as quit rent. Present yesterday was the chairman of board of governors for the school, Datuk Lim Kok Cheong. sumber: http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/NST/Friday/National/2454544/Article

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hendak seribu day, tak hendak seribu daleh - alahai OG TMGS

Asking for donation or favor for the school, most of the times is pretty easy. We really appreciate OG Teh Lai Choo, now Dr Teh Lay Choo of Penang (more appropriately the Director Of Penang State Health Department), who took some time out from her busy schedule to officiate the cyclethon. OG Teh Lai Choo is from the class of 1970. We also have OG Lim Swee Bin of class of 1980 who alerted my friends and me on the condition of TMGS building and who worked tirelessly to help the school fund. She was with her family at the cyclethon. There are many more like OG Lai Choo and OG Swee Bin. As for my batch, Lean See, Nita, and Ena worked really hard to get the girls of 1981 to contribute in anyway we can for OUR school. Thank God for the net - FB, email, chat, and blog really help us. But then... there are also others who would give all sorts of excuses. Questions like "What had the PIBG done?" and "What had the OG do?" were played like broken records. That does not include - "can you afford to pay my appearance fee?" And not to mention - What had the school done for me... Which brought me to JFK's famous words - ask not what the country can do for you, but what can you do for the country. In this case - Ask not what TMGS can do for you, but can you do for TMGS. I also recall this- if Mohamed can't come to the mountain, then the mountain should come to the mountain.. not that I am equating Prophet Mohamed pbuh with TMGS. But I believe that the OGs should come down and just check out what they can do and how they can help our school. Even if we are already reaching the stars, the moon and what not, I still believe that it's not wrong to once in a while place ourselves back here on earth. Once in a while we need to forget the protocols, the ringgits, and just think of ourselves as students of TMGS - past, present, and future - and help our school when she needs us. Yes, we know that there are OGs who might be facing hardships in life. But what about those who don't? Itulah - hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu daleh. PERIOD!!!!

Cyclethon 17 February 2009 - 120 years old the school , not the cyclethon

Today is the day. Nita and Ena came. So did Kak Ana and Swee Bin. First time saw Kak Ana in person... well... all slambe and crazy, salute la Kak Ana, you can still join us on the bike... thought you will be pushing the beca with nita, ena, and me on it..kih3x.... And even saw Akmar (Netball and Hockey player, lupe lak nak tanye y bertongkat) and Anura (the one who always came to school in an army jeep and who has this deep sexy voice). There were also other batches - the class of 1970 who donated the t-shirts (thanx sis), class of 1977, class of 1979, class of 1980, class of can't remember the year, only remember Ms Khoo (kak ana's sport sec and chaperon when she was running here and there with kak junaidah aman (we miss you, kak junaidah) The fun part was the mock cek ceremony... nita, ena, and me - posing sakan when we handed over the check... then to the cycle..all in blue, not the police uniform ...the blue t-shirt... the school should have allowed us to race.. and i bet all the OGs will beat the Gs legs up on the stretcher... we had a beca as guide, that is the trishaw ye, in kes tak tau, as the marker... slow yang amat-amat...but mr ong managed to kayuh dengan penuh semangat... we cycled till we reached the skul... fulamak..g skolah... hari sabtuuuuuuuuuu... gotta be kiddin... dulu kecik2, hari sekolah pun ponteng...sampai buat surat sign sendiri... i bet the teachers semua geleng kepala dulu and wondered apa nak jadi, apa nak jadi... pulak...lagu sm salim in my head now, but yang penting tak kena denda... alamak deja vu lak... we had chear leaders and apa tu, ketuk2 lama tu, don't know the name.. tak kisahlah.. .yang penting we reached the skul and had so much fun... got food lagi... but can't eat a lot - metabolism slow... yeah, rite... mi satu pinggan penuh habis... sedap la tu, if there are other gatherings like this, can make la.. also yang penting, i didn't have to pose maut on my face or butt... semua A OK... but the nicest part... i got to see nita and ena... really miss em so much, and the cyclethon really let us see each other again in person... Thanx TMGS for making this a reality... oh... forget to write... Thoburn really burned the grass during the X-country...if Mrs Choong were here, she would be very proud... take that ena...rumah ape??? ini mesti bekez i was there..heh3x... wish lean see, ai loon, fooi lin, poh cheng, hana, ani, the 2 timahs, and the rest were here... no worries, there is always the next time... And before we went home, pn noriza gave us a tour of the grand old lady... take note of the beam, hope it will not be in the paper... we need cash for that... and acc to pn noriza, anura will donate nippon paint for the school... yippeee... will upload gambaq when nita and ena dah FB em

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cyclethon 17 January 2009

I will definitely try my very, very best to make sure that I will be at Taiping Lake Gardens with my purple helmet for Thoburn and orange pads for olsen (and lots of them, to cushion myself). And camera... as proof that I cycle or walkle... who cares... just join and have fun while helping the alma mater... So, to all of you out there, please come and join us - help TMGS in anyway you can. source: http://www.bikingbis.com/blog/_archives/2008/2/15/3516139.html http://www.sheldonbrown.org/images/Rusty_Schwinn.JPEG

Thursday, September 25, 2008

MRS LIM: one of my math teachers

Monday, September 22, 2008

There from 1929 to 1978

I emailed Mrs Lim Chin Hun a list of questions and here's her reply. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do. Best wishes to you and family, Mrs Lim! :-) Greetings from Sydney! Good on you and your friends for helping with the "TMGS Old Girls' Give Back" project and trying to give a 'face-lift' to the 'grand,old lady' who truly deserves it. She was born in the year of 1889 and will be 120 years old next year. That should call for a grand celebration when the time comes! As her dear children, we would all uphold her motto to 'Live Worthily' for she 'hast guided in right way" (as mentioned in the school song).

Now, it's time that I get to tell you about how I have spent 'the best years of my life' in TMGS as a former student and an ex-teacher from 1929 to 1978, including the 2nd World War Years when I was away from Taiping for about 4 years.

It was in Jan 1929 and at the early age of 6, my mother sent me off to the school known as Lady Treacher Girls' School (named after Lady Treacher, the wife of Mr William Treacher, the British Resident) together with my 2 bigger sisters. We all went in a rickshaw to and from school. In those early days the classes ranged from Primary One, Two, Standards from 1 - 7 followed by Junior Cambridge and Cambridge School Certificate (Senior Cambridge). I studied hard and managed to obtain 2 double promotions (from Standard 2 - 4 and then from Standard 4 - 6). School was fun because I enjoyed reading and singing with other girls. The late Miss Mable Poulier was one of my best teachers. I liked her for her patience and kindness. My best friend was and still is Mrs Delip Singh. She will always remind me 'great minds think alike' meaning 'the 2 of us' and we would keep on laughing about the thought.

Soon enough my school days came to an end and I had to start thinking of becoming a teacher and earn a living. I joined as a 'student-teacher' in my old school whose name was now changed to Treacher Methodist Girls' School (TMGS) in 1957. The 2nd World War which lasted 3 years and 8 mths interrupted my teachers' training as the school was first used by the Japanese forces as their barracks and later by the Indian army as headquarters. The school more or less did not seem to exist back then.

In 1941, after finishing the normal class Teacher training course held on Fridays and Saturdays for 3 years, I became a qualified teacher, trained as a General Purpose teacher. I taught all subjects in the timetable in the Lower Secondary department, namely Form 1 and 2. Soon I was chosen to be the afternoon Supervisor of the Lower Secondary for at least 10 years before retiring in 1978.

Time flies but I still have fond memories of my life as a teacher. I enjoyed being in the company of fellow teachers and getting to know them and their families as well. I liked my pupils too. They made me proud and happy when they worked hard to help themselves. There are 3 of my former pupils namely Sow Siew, Lye Ngoot and Cheng Heong, who are currently Committee Members of the Old Girls' Association in TMGS. They had all been working with me when I was once the Hon. Secretary of OGA for 12 memorable years from 1973-1985.

In Jan 1986 (8 years after my retirement in 1978) together with my family members we migrated to Sydney, Australia. I am now well settled here for 22 years and am enjoying the company of my eldest daughter and her family, some relatives and friends. I go to the Wesley Uniting Church and am keeping myself busy and happy with church activities, bible study cell group and seniors' luncheons in church.

At home I spend my time studying the bible, reading storybooks and newspapers, watching TV and having afternoon naps everyday. At my age, I have stopped sewing cross-stitch, doing much housework and gardening. My son and family will take me out at weekends either sight-seeing or shopping and also for lunch.

Yes, I truly admit that the photos on the web showing the school building in a deplorable condition do touches my heart. Having contributed RM300 the first time when the main building was constructed I feel it is my duty again to donate RM1000 to restore the old building to its former glory.

To me, TMGS is an icon in Taiping offering 'quality' education to its students population.

Once again, thank you for your effort in helping the school and please thank the school for posting me the receipt and letter. It is very nice of them to send me the letter.

Do your best and be blessed!

Mrs Lim Chin Hun

Saturday, June 21, 2008

TMGS is a mission school; hence 'government aided' - CIPUT

A couple of days ago, I went to the library to check out some books on TMGS and the history of education in Malaysia. I found quite a number of books which talked about TMGS. One of the things that I found out is that TMGS is classified as a 'mission school' because she was founded by the Methodist missionaries a century ago. As a result of this, her status is different from schools like King Edward when it comes to government funding. KE is a fully aided by the government. TMGS only receives a 'token', OR in other words which all can and will understand 'CIPUT'. She is categorized as 'sekolah bantuan modal' (aided school - the term I found in one of the books I read). Now, I know why the Edwardians are so rich, and why the Treacherians (it seems this is the reference used by the younger OGs and the present Girlz) are so poor.

Yes, I am pissed now. Why is TMGS being discriminated when it comes to receiving financial help? FOR THE SAKE OF EDUCATION, help all schools fully irrespective of whether the school is a Methodist, a Catholic, a Protestant, or a MUSLIM. PLEEEEEZ....We are in the millennium that sees a Malaysian going to space (for how much???? ). The school is Methodist, but the girls come from all religious and racial background. Personally, I am thankful to ALLAH, Abah, and Mak for giving me the opportunity to go to TMGS. Or I would not be able to meet Lean See, Nita, Inah, Fiza, Ai Loon, Judy, Phoebe, Oi Mei, Fooi Lin, Poh Cheng, Poh Gaik, the two Fat(i)mas - Najla and Timah, Fooi Lin, Siti Salina, Ani Basri, Carol to name a few. If I were to go to a different , my friends might be Minah, Tipah, Siti, Leha, and no Swee Bin, Vasanthi, or Charlet, like what is happening to my nieces - Kak Long, Kak Ngah, Angah, and Adik.

Oops always digress.. Anyhow, will write and post a summary of our school history later..the lid of my eyes keep falling...what to say, history books almost always make me yawn. This could be the side effects of memorizing dates in all the tawarikh and sejarah books and jumbling and fumbling them up later during tests and exams... All I can recall now is how much alike Pn. Zaiton and Marina Chin, the former national athlete, when I looked at their face.. just like Lean See and Lin Chin Hsia...Or could be from the side effect waking for the whole night last night for worrying too much about Mak's tooth..

Friday, June 13, 2008

Helping and Reminiscing TMGS ..and A Plea for Her

Since I work here up north, I always travel back to Taiping. However, I never used the road leading to TMGS (Treacher Methodist Girls' School) to get to my house. That was until I received an email from Lean See. It was just plain sad for me to see what has happened physically to our beloved school. Academically, she is still as GREAT as ever... can't help it if I am a liiiitle bit bias here.

So, on May 13, 2008..what a coincidence, nasib baik tak Friday the 13th.., I went to check out the school. And I was lucky enough to be able to see Pn. Noriza, the principal herself, when I went to the office. Yup...Ms. Satwant's room, it was a no entry zone for me and most of my friends, at the time we were in there, except for perhaps Judy and Lean See. Even if we were allowed to enter this zone, I guess most of us would just make ourself scarce the minute we saw Ms. Satwant, no correct that, the minute we heard her footsteps. Till now, I am trying to figure out why were we so very afraid of the 'guru besar'. Looking at Ms Satwant, kecik je orangnya.

And Pn. Noriza was ever so willing to give me a tour of the school. The first place that we went after meeting the asst. principal was the former prefect's room at the science building. Memories of me cincanging the katak and testing our blood group for biology. During our time science was taught in Malay; so I only know katak, not frog.

The students at the time were sitting for their exam at the hall. The hall had this dark ambience. Not sure if it was physical or psychological on my part. I would strain my eyes trying to write down the answers, but that could also be because, as we get younger and younger (taboo to say the O-word), the eyes start to play tricks on the brain.

They were sitting on those plastic chairs like the ones at the ice kacang stall where we had ice kacang after netball, hockey, or athletics training. And the desks...I think if I were to search for my intricate and artful carvings, I would be able to find them. You can imagine how old the desks look like.

Then we went downstairs to the teachers' room. Boy, the room was dark..i mean really dark. Really felt like I was in an old gothic church...must be due to the influence of Enid Blyton's book. The blinders that are used to block the rain are so very pathetic. They are more suitable as historical collections at the museum next door.

The workshop we went in was hot. Pity the students who have to do their kemahiran hidup there. Unless we want to teach them how to mahir dalam hidup, mengharungi pelbagai cabaran dalam dunia yang penuh kepanasan, then the room is perfect. It was somewhere at the back of the home science room. T he room needs extra fan..unless we want the anak-anak to look like baked cookies.

Remember Ms. Satwant's house...it now houses a surau and a counselling room..Adoi...sad..so sad. again, dark..

Can't blame the current staff and students of TMGS - I too would do anything to save cost when I am on a budget, especially now with the price hike and all..

we need fans, chairs, chairs, ceilings etc etc etc etc to make TMGS live for at least another 100 years. And also ways to get rid of the monkeys and bats that have been invading the school compound regularly. The file that was distributed via email only showed a little of what actually has taken placed to the physical features of the school. I don't have a camera. So, I couldn't snap any pictures to show as proof..but we can all go to Swee Bin and Lean See's blog to see them. I must remind myself to get a camera...ada bajet tak ni...

And the field.. must mention the field. I realize that I miss the field very much, and Mr. Quah, Seong Chooi, Zarina (Zainuddin, the athlete, not the actress;-)), Ming Choo (also class of '80 head girl)..after a couple of decades and into this millenium, the field still looks like the way I left it in 1981. I am sure we can all do something to help our alma mater which has produced many successful and/or popular individuals..people like

  • Asiah Abu Samah, now a Tan Sri (former DG of MOE)
  • Hasmah Abdullah, now a Dato' (the current DG of LHDN)
  • Saran Kaur, now a Prof (one of the DVCs at UKM)
  • the Fenner's sisters (Zahrah and Juriah, I think they are either the mother or aunt of KRU respectively, have to get the facts right later)
  • Junaidah Aman (former national athlete)
  • Lum Sau Fong (former national hockey player)
  • Ching Joo Lian (former national gymnast)
  • Farawahida, the singer
  • Anne and Geetha the radio hosts of HotFM and THR Raaga respectively
  • Ariza Zainal Abidin, co-owner of Alya and Co
  • Azura Zainal Ratin of TV3
  • Fatma Najla, obygyn and medical columnist
  • Hasnita Jalaluddin, business lady
  • and all the mothers who bring up wonderful successful kidz, all the wives who sacrifice their lives for their husband, and all daughters who make their parents proud for being good citizens of the world
The one thing I have learned going back to TMGS is this - The staff and students are very upbeat despite the dilapidating condition of the school's building.. it could be because, compare to those who were hit by the earthquake in China and typhoon in Mynmmar, their life in the school is still fine..The school still stands.

Now, I think also I need to find some time to check out our primary school at the most beautiful lake garden in Malaysia ..I can bet she too needs our help.

I hope the state and the federal government will help missionary schools like TMGS, Convent, and St. George. Look at their contribution. Don't look at them as an entity that can be cast to the side in terms of financial aid because of the word 'Methodist', 'Convent' or 'Saint'. After all they are trying to educate the future generations of Malaysia and, in some cases, of other countries.